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By Admin 08 Aug, 2017

The Art of Writing an Award-winning Essay

Many students have requested us to “write my essay”. The good news is that close to 99.7% of these “write my essay” requests have been met with resounding success from our online essay writers. Writing a high quality high school or college essay involves high level of creativity that entails the right use of words to expertly convey the content of the given topic. The essay needs to be convincing enough, and must closely reflect the type of material that is demanded by the professor. 

Of course, the way you put the content is largely dependent on the type of essay that you have been tasked to write. Depending on the type, the student may be called upon to write an essay on a given topic and convince the reader of the validity of their position. Alternatively, a student may be called upon to write an essay on some factual matter by merely providing statistics (facts and figures) without necessarily pushing an opinion. The student therefore needs to be keen on the type of essay they are required to write, so that they can effectively convey the required subject matter. Thus, whenever a student as us to “write my essay”, we review all the requirements of the essay paper. 

Write my essay requests from students

Students who turn to us with the “write my essay” requests have time and again been satisfied by the high quality work delivered by our writers. Our online essay writers clearly understand that a good essay must effectively reflect the following three elements: structure, content and mechanics. Let us have a look at each one of them, in order to clearly understand how they influence the quality of your essay: 

1. Structure

This refers to the organization of the essay - a critical element. A good essay writer understands how to effectively organize the essay into the introduction, the main body and the conclusion.

The introduction should be put in a way that makes it captivating. It must be interesting enough to capture and sustain the attention of the reader, and arouse their interest to read the rest of the essay. It is noteworthy that the thesis statement – the statement that explains the writer’s intention – is contained in the introductory paragraph. 

The body consists of paragraphs that are well developed. The body contains the thrust of the writer’s arguments, and so words must be properly deployed to achieve the desired effect. Each paragraph must have a powerful, well-placed topic sentence, which should be adequately supported by the necessary supporting sentences. A well-placed clincher sentence at the end of each paragraph serves to wrap up the point or argument contained in the paragraph. 

The conclusion is an equally important paragraph. It is the paragraph that sums up the points or argument, and often acts as the final nail to clinch the thrust of the essay.

Good writers are keen to use transitional words appropriately. These connective devices help to give a smooth reading within the paragraph itself, and in connecting one paragraph to another.

2. Mechanics

This refers to the choice of language. An effective writer is very keen on matters of cohesion, grammar, punctuation, spelling and usage of words. There should be no vague or ambiguous statements within the essay – everything must be conveyed with uttermost clarity. The student would therefore want to entrust his/her essay to a writer whose competence in written English is beyond reproach – preferably a writer who is an educated native English speaker.

3. Content

This is the subject or message of the writer’s essay. It is a delicate element of the essay, as how you deal with it will show your tutor whether you have competently answered the essay question. Having a great structure and mechanics, but failing to get the right content is disastrous to the overall outcome of the essay. Students are advised to seek the help of only the writers who have demonstrated a prowess in efficiently handling assignments from many disciplines. This way, the student is guaranteed that the writer has a clear understanding of the topic, and that they will indeed deliver the right content.

It is understandable that not all students have the writing skills and competence required to write an award-winning essay. This could arise from the fact that undergraduates often have tight schedules, characterized by limited time within which they deal with large volumes of assignments, and still have time to cater for their social needs. It is also common to find that the assignment has been set based on an area that the student is not very familiar with, or worded in a language that seems a bit elusive. 

Why do many students turn to us with “write my essay” requests? The following are some the key reasons why you should consider for all your essay needs:

i. Plagiarism-free Essays

We guarantee to provide 100% original work. Our writers are highly rated experts who understand that plagiarism often leads to dire consequences for students who are caught by the academic institutions. In view of this, we ensure that all assignments are double-checked for any aspects of plagiarism.

ii. Unrivalled Quality

We are keen to ensure impeccable use of words, excellent grammar and zero incidences of spelling and punctuation errors. We have engaged expert writers who are very proficient in spoken and written English. Your assignment will be handled by only the most competent writer in your field of study.

iii. Fast Turn-around

Time and again, satisfied students have complimented us for the speed with which we deliver their assignments. As long as you make clear the deadline for the essay, our writer will burn the mid-night oil to deliver your work long before your stated deadline.

iv. Free Revisions

Rarely do we get requests for revisions – because we allow you to interact with the writer while the project is in progress. However, clients who are not content with any part of the work are guaranteed free revisions.

At, we are driven by the needs of our clients. We are cognizant of the fact that students have to write high quality essays in order to impress their tutors. I you have any queries regarding essays, or any other academic paper, get in touch with us at

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