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10 Tips on Compelling Academic Writing

By Admin 29 Jul, 2017

Pitch and Persuasion in Academic Writing

Academic writing is all about persuading and compelling your readers. If well chosen, your words can convince your readers to take certain actions or even buy your idea that they hadn't even thought of before. The secret is in the mode of delivery. With these 10 Tips, you will be able to write a compelling cause.

1. Choose a Valid Claim

Begin your academic writing with a clear and convincing claim. You must begin your paper off on a convincing thesis statement with some form of realistic value, supported ideas, and reliable evidence. It provides a clear sneak peak of what you have in store for the reader. The better the opening statement, the more willing the reader will be to read the rest of it.

2. Believable storytelling

You are the storyteller and your reader is the audience. Your aim is to capture their attention by being engaging in your tactics in message delivery. Demand emotions and reactions where necessary. Fabricate words, statements, and facts to invoke emotions from your readers. Ask questions where necessary and construct sentences in a way that enables them to envision themselves in the scenario. However, take care not to lose the point of the narration. Creating a balance is key.

3. Choose One Side of the Argument

It is easy to get lost in explanations hence bouncing back and forth on both sides the argument. Choose One Side on which you’re going to argue and stick to it. Stay firm on your side of the argument and project as much strength as you can. Remember, the idea is to win the reader over to your side.

4. Perform in-depth analysis of the audience

It is always recommended to know your audience. In any academic writing or research, a writer targets a certain audience. Thus, depending on your objective you should perform an in-depth audience analysis. For instance, what kind of text that will make your audience tick? What content will compel them into action etc. Analyzing the audience is paramount in any academic writing so as a researcher can tailor their topic depending on the audience. 

5. Focus on Persuasive Strategy

Persuasion is instrumental in any form of research. To put it simple, a writer should put his/her thinking cap on so know how to persuade the audience. Persuasive strategies are the key instruments in building your academic writing and you can persuade the audience by the following: 

  • Refining the scope of your research
  • Keeping off from any controversial topic
  • Selecting relevant evidence for your research
  • Acknowledging opposing view while substantiating arguments in refute. 

6. Organizing your Ideas

In any academic research, ideas should be organized. By organizing your ideas, you will be taking your readers on a long journey of understanding your research by providing them with a clear direction. A smooth flow of ideas is instrumental in persuading your audience. If your ideas are clumsy, you might end up confusing your readers. Thus, it is important to use efficient transitions between ideas and paragraphs. 

7. Use Active and strong language

A very strong and active language is important in any academic writing. The use of active language usually brings confidence in your academic writing. This is the perfect way of persuading your readers. Never use passive language in your writing because this is creepy and can weaken your argument. 

8. Sources-Select them wisely

To persuade and authenticate your work, you should choose your sources intelligently. Unreliable sources or poor cited work can degrade your work. Thus, it is important to bolster your work by using credible sources all the time. 

9. Transition of ideas smoothly

Academic writing is all about communication of ideas. To communicate the numerous ideas, you should have a smooth transition of ideas. Thus, to achieve persuasive argument in your research, your ideas should evolve smoothly. Usually, a person should use transition sentences between ideas. 

10. Demonstrate your points using examples

A major technique of driving the point home is using examples. Examples validate an argument in your academic writing by giving readers concrete evidence to support your argument. Scholars usually use practical examples in their research to relate an idea to their research. The use of examples does bolster their research. 

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