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By Admin 08 May, 2018

Research dissertation writing-complex and challenging but worth

When you get to the point of writing a research dissertation, you are clearly nearing the end of an important stage of your education journey. A dissertation is also essential as it showcases your capability and skills to research a given discipline, presenting the results in an original piece of content that will yield value in the academic world and scientific community.

Most people hear of the dissertation, and a sharp pain passes their brain, why? They know the process is not easy. The process of planning, field, analysis, and writing will be the complex and longest challenge you have ever been committed to. The good news is that the results are very rewarding, but you may have gotten through million obstacles before reaching that point. Most candidates start with great enthusiasm, but the intimidating stages of the project make them stuck and left in despair. That’s why most people consider getting professional dissertation writing to avoid such experience.

Common problems faced by students when writing research dissertations

  1. Lack of writing skills: dissertation paper requires you to follow strict rules of academic writing. You need to be familiar with the proper form; language and style of writing while making sure you give your best on the citations placement.
  2. Procrastination: Most students think they have a lot of time to write dissertations and hence they keep delaying to start. The students end up in frantic stress as they realize the deadline is at their doorstep in no time. 
  3. Lack of research skills: most students may have done assignments before and hence may somehow have an idea of what dissertation writing entails. However, for others, they lack enough experience when it comes to academic writing. They think it as an activity where you just collect few resources here and there and extract relevant quotes from them, which is far from the truth. The skills needed to do the research, and ensure you identify a problem, show how you have solved the problem and how such solving impacts the organization or society affected, and the academic world is not that easy.

The process of writing a good quality dissertation

Choosing a title or the theme: this entails you asking yourself the following;

  • What problem does your dissertation intend to solve
  • Why is it a problem in the research, scientific and academic community?
  • Why do you think it’s important you find a solution to the problem?

Structure of the research dissertation 

  • Make a timeline for each research stage
  • Organize your resources
  • Get the right place to source your work 

Finally, it comes to the actual research dissertation writing stage. Here you are expected to provide the introduction, literature review, research design and methodology, the findings, conclusions derived from research and the bibliography.

At this stage, you can develop your first draft which then according to the effort and quality of the work given will determine the progress of the dissertation.  Should the process sound complex, it’s because it is, and getting some professional assistance is worth considering.

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