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By Admin 28 Sep, 2017

Professional Custom Writing Services By

Back to those days when I was a student, there were no custom writing companies that assisted students work on their assignment. During that time, I was struggling with my education and a part-time job. my course schedule was packed and the demand for personal life was plenty. When faced with time-consuming assignments, I used to ask my family members and friends to assist me in writing, editing, and proofreading my papers or custom essays. Some of them were reliable while others were not. The constant cycle of homework, essays, term papers, and assignment forced me to start paying someone to do my academic assignment. 

Unfortunately, back then, it was extremely difficult to purchase academic assignment or other kinds of academic papers online. Furthermore, it was extremely difficult to get quality writers who were knowledgeable on your specialty and you had to rely on anyone who was educated. For sure those days it was extremely difficult to find a competent person who would write all sort of essays, from the basic four-paragraph essay all the way to writing a dissertation. 

Fortunately, students these days ought not to struggle as we did in the past. With a click of a button, you can find competent writers online where you can buy essays online that are of high quality. As the founder of, I saw the need for custom writing services that could connect students and writers throughout the world to help students in realizing their academic goals. This was after the challenges I encountered as a student. 

Today, we are one of the best custom writing services company and a reliable source of academic assistance. We have helped students throughout the world in their coursework, homework, term papers, essays, dissertation etc. As a pioneering company in this custom writing industry, we are now able to provide a broad range of academic writing assistance, from writing custom essays, proofreading your papers and we never feel overwhelmed when you request us to do your essays. 

Our main goals as a custom writing company are;

  1. To help students make college life easier.
  2. To help students become better writers, and 
  3. To help you gain a better understanding of the topic that you find difficult in your course and make you a better writer.

Can Proofread my Writing?

Yes, we can. This is one of the most basic services that we offer to many students. Our proofreading services do allow students to use our professional editors and writers to ensure that their essays, term papers, dissertation, research papers are perfect. We know your computer has spellcheck which looks for misspelled words as well as identifying grammatical errors. However, if you rely on the spellcheck function on your computer, you are doomed. This is a common mistake student do. Your essay ought to be well written, well structured, perfectly formatted, cited etc. This is the kind of services that we engage in.

Additionally, if you have a lingering uncertainty about your grammatical proficiency, we will assist you. Even professors who have been in academics for their whole life, give other professors, their papers, and manuscript for editing and proofreading. This is especially true for people who happen to be non-native English speakers. Thus, our proofreading services focus on preserving the content of your work and making sure it makes sense and flows very well. Finally, we ensure that your content is technically perfect. 

What if I need more than proofreading? 

If you happen to need more help that proofreading, we will help you in your custom papers. To put things into perspective, proofreading and editing are both terms that are subtly different but in our company, we use them interchangeably (i.e. we perform both services as one unless otherwise stated). To begin, the tasks of a proofreader is the preservation of original content and making sure your custom paper is free from errors. 

On the other hand, an editor is involved in creating content. Editors generally look at the readability, flow, technical proficiency, factual accuracy among other factors when they are editing your paper. Moreover, an editor can assist a student in making suggestions that will strengthen their custom papers or shorten them by removing unnecessary text. For example, if you are writing a manuscript, it is the role of the editor to suggest what needs to be changed, shortened or added to conform with the standards of the journal you want to submit your manuscript. For example, the journal of applied Geography requires manuscript to be less than 4000 words and hence an editor will shorten your paper while making some recommendations. 

Thus, if you are looking for an A-paper, you ought to use an editor because they are highly trained in performing editing services. At, we offer editing services, which are great resources for many students who are not confident in their writing. Even if you are fully confident with your writing, it is always recommended to have a second person look at your custom paper. 

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Do you offer example essays?

Yes, we do. We both offer example and sample essays. Sometimes when a student begins writing an assignment, they are not sure what to write about. For example, in your class, you have been given an assignment of writing an explanatory essay and you have never written one. There, is your first challenge because you have never written one. So, you end up wasting precious time thinking or looking for resources about the essay.  

If that is the case, then exploring our services is recommended. You can buy pre-written example essays on any topic to see how your essay should be written. We have thousands of example essays that we can sell to you and they can assist you to familiarize yourself with a particular type of writing. These pre-written essays are great resources to students and many of our buyers have thanked us for showing them how they should write their custom papers. However, if you do not have time to write that essay by yourself, you can place an order for your paper and we will be happy to assist you. 

Will you write my essay for me? 

Sometimes, you do not have time to write the essay by yourself and you need someone to assist you. At other times, the essay is complex and you can’t find the necessary material for the essay. This is when a student will seek help from our custom writing services. We get thousands of requests from students all over the world especially in the US, Britain, Canada, and Australia who want us to write their essay. All those requests are honored. 

As a custom writing company, we are obliged to assists students because the majority of them are either having difficulties in their school work. Well as the founder of, I understand all the challenges students encounter and from my own perspective, I think it's worth paying back the services I got when I was a student too. Thus, if you want us to write your essay, just tell us the topic of the essay, academic level, number of paper, which writing style (is your essay being written in APA, Turabian, Chicago or MLA), number of resources you want, deadline and we will happily write an A-level essay for you. 

I bet you know this, you cannot turn in anyone else assignment as your own work for academic credit. There are thousands of unscrupulous websites that will tell you that you can turn someone work as your own work. In reality, these websites are lying to you because they cannot change the school codes or rules. Can you? What we provide is a collaboration between you and us and most of the time you approve what we recommend and eventually the custom essay we write for you become yours. By doing so, you will become confident with the paper and the citation used and you can use it for your final paper. 

Will you write my essay quick? 

There is always this concern from students that their work will be late. For first-timers, they are even more cautious. However, here at, we do not tolerate any form of lateness. Whenever you order a paper from us, it will be delivered to you promptly. Why should you pay for a service that will be late and be penalized by your professor for lateness? That doesn’t make sense, right? 

Let me be specific on how we meet your deadline. For example, if you order a custom paper you have ordered with us requires 24 hrs, we give our writers 12 hours to deliver to us. The next six hours, our editing team goes through your paper, correcting errors if there are any and formatting it well. Also, if there was something that the writer had missed based on your instruction, we return the paper to the writer so as they can correct. Eventually, we upload the paper on your order page six hours before time. Sounds easy? 

As a custom writing company, we have also employed a lot of native writers, hence we have a huge selection of writers who are willing to work on your essay. To a professional writer, quality writing does not take time, thus we will always write your essay quick. However, for longer essays and complex assignments, our online writers will always need more time. One thing that most of our customers have noticed and made us different from other custom paper writing companies, is that we will accept your order if we know we won't complete it on time. 

Some essay writing companies will tell you that they can complete any assignment in any time frame, which is false. That’s not who we are. Ask yourself “can a writer type 20 pages in 8 hours”? Hell, no! That’s impossible! Any company that tells you they can do your enormous custom essay in few hours will be conning you or they will be reselling others people work which can be termed as plagiarism. 

The policy of the company is having a threshold of eight hours as the minimum time for us to deliver a paper. However, some order can be delivered earlier. So, if you need your order delivered within the shortest time, you can contact our customer service department to discuss the issue. However, in some instances, they will help you separate a long assignment into shorter segments that will be written by multiple writers to fulfill your order. 

What type of papers do our online writers handle?

Our online writers handle all types of paper. Actually, we offer the most extensive professional academic writing compared to other websites. We handle term papers, dissertation, coursework, reports, essays, PowerPoint presentations, research papers, book reviews, homework and other forms of assignments. Our native writers cannot only tackle writing assignment but they can tackle other forms of assignment such as lab reports, GIS and Remote sensing analysis, programming etc. 

I want to place an order. How do I place it? has an interactive order page where you can place your order and be given 15% discount. Once you are on the order page, you will fill the requirement of your paper, your preferred style, the number of pages, deadline, topic, and upload any document related to the order. Then you will be prompted to register and pay for your order. It’s just simple like that. Again, if you have additional material you had forgotten to upload, you can always upload it later. 

How will the writer be selected to work on my order?

For those who have purchased a paper from us before, you can request a specific writer. However, if it is your first time placing an order with us, we will select your writer based on your topic. For example, if your order is about immigration issues, we will select a writer who is conversant with immigration issues. This is because, before an expert writer is hired by our company, they send us all their academic credentials to us (diplomas and transcripts) for evaluation and storing their credential to an online database. 

These credentials are used to match your paper requirement with the requirement of your paper. So, be assured that you will be getting the most qualified writer who will handle your paper. However, if you have an additional specification on your paper, you can contact our support team or writer directly. For example, we have customers who are nursing students and only want their works to be written by nurses only, hence we will give your order to a writer who is a nurse. 

Is it possible to communicate with my writer?

Yes, once you have placed your order, you can communicate directly with your writer by sending the writer a message on your order page. This way, you will be able to work hand in hand with the writer and be updated the progress of your paper. Communication with our support team and writers is 24/7 without compromising your confidentiality. Nonetheless, since we work with writers who are mainly in US and UK, the difference in time might have a delayed response to your message to the writer. However, the support team communication channel is open 24/7. 

Is it possible to make changes when you have placed an order?

Yes, it is. However, you are advised to modify your order early and not wait until the last minute. More so, you can add additional documents once you have placed your order. If your modification involves changes in topic, style, the number of pages etc, this might affect other things such as price and delivery. Thus, it's important to make the changes as soon as possible. If you have any question about modification of your order, contact our custom service representatives. 

How about if I want to add an additional page

It's possible. But please note, this will change the price because prices are based on the number of pages that a writer will be writing. Sometimes you only want one additional page, our writers are happy to add that additional page on your custom written paper free of charge. 

Do you help ESL students?

Yes, we do!. Remember all our writers are English native speakers and we frequently get a request from non-native speakers to write their essay. However, most of them request proofreading and editing services and we are happy to do that. We also have writers who are bilingual so if you want to communicate with a writer in another language rather than English, contact our customer service department to see if we can meet that request.

What if I Am Not Satisfied with the Essay I received? 

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.  However, there is a small percentage of customers who aren’t happy with the custom written paper they receive. If you are unhappy, you can request a revision and the writer will modify the paper for you at no additional cost until you get satisfied. We want every customer to know that they are getting the very highest-quality custom-writing available on the internet, so we try all our best to appease them. 

Sometimes, an order can be revised several times and the customer is not satisfied. When it reaches to that, we offer a money-back guarantee. We won’t lie to you that we have never returned their money. Yes, we have. However, when we refund you your money, we are not happy because we know we weren’t able to do your work well yet we wanted to make you happy. So, our first response before processing the refund we try fixing your problem before the thought of refund gets into your mind. However, in some scenarios, if you were refunded your money and ensure that we fix the problem you had highlighted. 

So, here are the top 11 Reason you should use write my essay services at 
  1. All our writers are English native speakers based in the United States and they earned their degree from an accredited U.S. University.
  2. We have an “A+” rating with BBB.
  3. 100 percent money back guarantee
  4. Your personal information is encrypted and completely confidential
  5. Free bibliography, reference, and formatting. 
  6. Around the clock customer support, including all the major holidays
  7. Endorsed by professors as a “learn by example” approach. 
  8. Extensive proofreading and editing services. 
  9. Low prices starting at just $9!
  10. Unlimited rewriters and modification until you are satisfied.
  11. Lifetime access to all orders completed for you via your unique customer portal.
Ready to use our custom writing services

By now, you must have already made your mind if you will use our custom essay writing services or not. If you are unsure, try us and you will never regret. If you want to order a custom essay, term paper, dissertation, thesis, lab report, movie review, book review, research paper, research proposal, custom paper or any type of assignment, please fill the form below. 

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Reasons to choose us

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  4. Free unlimited revision.
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  6. 24/7 customer support

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