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Writing Admission Essays

By Admin 29 Jul, 2017

ABC in Admission Essays

To many students, the beginning of a new year beckons feelings of joy and anticipation. The expectation of the New year heralds new opportunities in life, a chance to start over, and a chance to set goals in high hopes of attaining them. The general mood in the New Year can be described best as optimistic anticipation. However, to a select few the anticipation may not be so optimistic. The New Year celebrations are characterized by feelings of nervousness and doubt. 

College Admission Essays

One would ask, is all the reported fuss on the college admission essays really worth all the drama that follows? The answer would have to be in the affirmative. The college essays are the major basis on which college admissions are based on. Take for example a top notch student that aces all their classes. And an underachiever who barely made it through high school. The underachiever could gain college admission while the top achiever misses out on admission. The basis for all this, college admission essays. If the essay of the top achiever is not up to par with the standards of the college the top achiever misses out on admission mostly on this basis. If the underachiever writes an essay that is up to scratch, he/she might save themselves a spot in college. In fact statistically, college admission essays are said to contribute between 30% and 50% of the decision made by administrators. Recognizing the importance of the essays means recognizing that surely there have to be mechanisms to ensure they are up to the mark. 

A certain David Kirby, a journalist at the Huffington Post, did a survey on college admissions. He interviewed several administrators from several leading universities in the state and filed a report. The following is what he came up with:

What do the Experts Say about college admission essay?

a) Be thoughtful whilst composing an admission essay

Most universities generally implement the same general principles in composing the questions. The principles require the students to ponder on one of the five questions or prompt in the app. The questions are designed in such a way to make the student think. So before you commence your essay, think and think hard. Think about how you honestly feel about the subject. Ponder on your personal past experiences. The same thoughtfulness will be reflected as depth in your essay. 

b) Admission essay requires a lot of efforts

College admission essays are considered the most important that you will probably ever write. It is literally the essay that could make or break your future. Recognize this fact and give the essay the respect it deserves. Put a lot of time into the writing of the essay. A rushed essay is always noticeable by administrators who will look down upon your paper due to lack of effort. Set a lot of time in your schedule to make sure the essay is a masterpiece.

c) Be contemplative while writing your admission essay

You should seriously consider what you really want to say before starting your essay. What message do you want the administrator to read? Ensure your essay is introspective in nature. For this to be possible you must have put a lot of thought into the essay. 

d) Choose wisely what you will write in your essay

Most universities will give you multiple choices on the theme of your essay. This is because they do not expect every student to be able to write fluently on the same topic. So when given the choice choose the prompt that best suits you and choose it wisely.

e) Pick safely your admission essay topic

There is a tremendous number of college applications per year. Resultant administrators tend to go through the applications fast. Make sure you choose a non-controversial topic and do not stray from of it. 

f) Do not focus on your achievements and awards in your admission essay

It is an essay and not a resume. Highlight your passions and what areas of college you can contribute in. 

g) Make sure your admission essay shows your diverse interests. 

If you find your admission essay centered on the same topics you should reconsider the prompt. 

h) Your admission essay should be compelling. 

You should have the ability to move the reader of your essay either to tears, to laughter or to sorrow. Create a lasting impression on the reader. 

i) Make sure there is an aspect of your personality in the admission essay. 

j) Ensure the quality of the composition is top notch. 

Grammatical errors, punctuation errors and spelling errors could land you in the reject pile regardless of the course you plan to undertake. 

k) Do not try too hard. 

Don’t let the composition of the essay stress you out. Make sure you have narrated the best story ever and leave it at that.

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